General information

regarding countries

This page furnished with information concerning countries including United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand and China for the benefit of students going overseas. Below are links to generic facts for each country, incorporated to each site are: an overview, the education system respectively, living expenses and etc.

General information regarding countries



Being the world’s fourth-leading financial center and second-biggest gambling market, Singapore is known for being one of the busiest and easiest places to do business. During the World War II, the Japanese occupied Singapore, though later on reverted to British rule and became internally self-governing in 1959.

Since its separation from Malaysia, it has become a completely independent state with a massive increase in wealth – thus becoming one of the Four Asian Tigers. The Lion City has several official languages, though English and Chinese are most commonly used. With an approximate population of 5 million, Singapore remains strong with an approximate currency rate of 1 SGD to 5.95 HKD.

Education system

Education in Singapore is mainly supported by the state, for all levels from primary to tertiary. All educational institutions (both private and public) are required to register with the Ministry of Education. With national examinations standardized across all schools, students must undertake a test after each stage of school. After six years of primary school, the Primary School Leaving Examination is required to be taken in order to be able to continue to secondary school. Continuing on from this, students must again take another test in order to complete their secondary education; they must take the GCE ‘O’ Level, and GCE ‘A’ Level before finally entering university.

School fees and living expenses (SGD)

Primary school (Government owned)


Secondary school (Government owned)

$1,800 - $6,000

Donation (Education bureau)


Donation (Accepted school)

$6,000 - $60,000

International school

$14,500 - $20,000

Living expenses

$12,000 - $18,000

Note: Visa application

Type of form

Form V36

Application fee


Required photo

4 recent photos


Approximately 6 weeks

Health report

Must undertake a health examination after arriving in Singapore


Important documents


Recent school reports and evidence of high school graduation


Not necessary


Must pay $1500 SGD (for HK students) or $5000 SGD (International students) to the Singapore immigration department as collateral, but will be returned as soon as students complete their course.


Arranged by the school


  • Travelling documents must have a validity of 6 months or above
  • Please provide travelling documents when applying
  • Applicant must provide the original copy of birth certificate
  • Financial supporter must offer a copy of identity card
  • The original copy of marriage certificate of parents must be provided
  • The original copy of identity and travelling documents must be provided
  • Financial supporter must provide financial income and career evidence