General information

regarding countries

This page furnished with information concerning countries including United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand and China for the benefit of students going overseas. Below are links to generic facts for each country, incorporated to each site are: an overview, the education system respectively, living expenses and etc.

General information regarding countries

United Kingdom


The United Kingdom is a country in its own right, consisting of four countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Being a developed country, it has the world’s sixth-largest economy by nominal GDP and it remains powerful, with a strong economic, political, cultural influence. With London as its capital, the United Kingdom has a population of around 62 million, and uses the Pound sterling (GBP) as its currency. The current exchange rate of 1 GBP is approximately equal to 12.05 HKD.

Main cities


Northern Ireland


Education system
As a result of having been a colony of the British Empire, the education system of Hong Kong is similar to that of the United Kingdom. Both systems have a mandatory 6 year primary school program, following with 7 years of high school and finally 3 years of university (some courses require more than 3 years in order to be considered completed). Similar to UK students who take GCSE and A-Levels/IB, HK students must complete the HKCEE and A-Levels (HKDSE) in order to graduate high school.

Whilst overseas students have the option of choosing other diplomas and courses, HK Form five students can opt for a BTEC diploma and then continue to study for a Higher Diploma course (HD) or aim for a Bachelor’s degree. Equivalently, HK Form seven students can directly select a Higher Diploma (HD) course. Nevertheless, both parties should aim to enroll a Bachelor’s degree.

A flowchart to show the UK education pathway


School fees and living expenses (GBP)

High school

£10,000 - £18,000


£7,000 - £12,000

University (Major: Medical science)

£15,000 - £21,000

Community college

£9,000 - £15,000

Living expenses

£6,000 - £9,000

Entry requirements

High school

Form 1 – Form 6 students
Must attain relevant internal and external exam results

- with good conduct
- Letter of recommendation from the school


Form 7 graduate
Must attain A-level certificate of results

- Achieved a TOFEL score of 550 or above OR
IELTS score of 6.0 or above
- Must have completed Foundation studies
- Must have a Diploma/ Higher Diploma/ Associate Degree

Community college

Form 5 graduate
Must attain HKCEE/ A-Level certificate of results


Note: Visa application

Type of form


Application fee

For those who do not have a BNO passport, the fee is HK$ 1275

Required photo

2 recent photos that have a light colored background (45 mm x 35 mm)


3 working days

Health report

If the course that you have applied runs for longer than 6 months, then the immigration department is required to examine your health report.

Important documents


- Recent school reports and confirmation of leave
- HKCEE exam certificate
- HKALE exam certificate
- Diploma


- Evidence of work experience


- Monthly bank statements as financial evidence


- Not necessary


To notify students of whether they have been accepted or not, the school will issue an official letter. When applying, please include the information concerning the desired course, school fees and proof of address.