Our Students

Our students enjoy excellent prospect during their internship in The Hotel School Sydney and upon graduation.

Our Students (The Hotel School Sydney)

The Hotel School Sydney Students' Internship and Prospect

Our students enjoy excellent prospect during their internship in The Hotel School Sydney and upon graduation. So, I would let them to speak for themselves, these are their testimonials:

Reservation Agent 
Sofitel Wentworth Hotel

Shelly (Wing Tung) Yuen
Hong Kong


My name is Shelly Yuen, and I started my tertiary education here at The Hotel School Sydney in February 2012, with the aid of a 50% scholarship. I am currently in the first year of studying for a Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management, and will be completing this three year degree in 2014. Life at The Hotel School Sydney (THSS) has been exciting and interesting. There are many opportunities provided, and assistance is always offered when required. I have learnt more than just theories here, and have openly embraced the Sydney culture. Moving to Sydney was a great decision. I have developed further as an individual, in terms of becoming more independent and competent in decision making. Also, being able to explore a new city, where dreams can become reality has truly inspired me to pursue my goals.

Hong Kong

Hilton Sydney

I am Lorraine, a 20 year old Hong Kong girl who studies in the Hotel school Sydney, Australia.

I went to Sydney since I was 18. The first time I heard about The Hotel School was from an ad on the newspaper of WAP. It was a co-incident for me to put my application to THSS; I was still doing my final year of secondary School in Hong Kong.

In October 2008, I received the conditional offer from Peter Lewis, the principal of THSS. I made the decision; instead of continuing the study in Hong Kong, I accepted the offer and study Hotel management in Australia.

I am currently studying in my 3rd year of Bachelor of Business Management (Hotel). It is a wonderful time in my life. However, living overseas, for a 20 year old girl, is not an easy task, especially I do not have any relatives and friends live in this country; I had to learn from sketch in everything.

Coming from an average family, I tried not to give a financial burden on my family. To do this; I have to work as a part timer while completing the course. Fortunately, I got to stay in the Hilton Hotel Sydney after my internship. Having this opportunity; I was able to save up and paid off my 2nd year and all the living fees.

This year, thanks to my lovely manager, Carl Contractor and Mr. Lewis, I received a scholarship offer from the Hotel School Sydney which takes 50% ($9,000) away. And, that was really helpful as I was struggling so much.

Having this opportunity, I would love to share my experience with you guys as I do understand how hard it is studying overseas. Facing a different country, using a different language, however, keep the positive attitude, and we will get there!

Psyche (Nga Sin) Wong
Hong Kong

Guest Services Agent
Sofitel sydney wentworth

I am currently in Year 3 of a Bachelor of Business at The Hotel School Sydney (THSS). I was impressed by what THSS offered. The paid internship period for seven months in Year 1 provided ongoing opportunity for me to manage studies and work in Years 2 and 3. I already have good all-round industry experience in Front Office, Food & Beverage and Housekeeping.

I chose to study in Australia to develop my English, independence and depth of experience, because Australia has a reputation for innovative education. Tuition fees are less than other foreign countries and I was particularly fortunate as THSS offered me a half fee scholarship. I have had excellent guidance from lecturers. They have motivated me. With their help my performance is getting better and better. The benefits are invaluable of a course which provides opportunity for both study and work, to apply in hotel operations work practise what I have learned in the lecture room. The Hotel School Sydney has delivered far more than my expectations.

I board with an Australian family who make me feel very welcome. Sydney's many attractions are so accessible. I live 5 minutes' walk from a beautiful beach and many different types of restaurants - Thai, Malaysian, French and Japanese. The seafood is particularly fresh and delicious. Sydney people and my student colleagues are very friendly, easy-going and approachable.

Kenneth (Yi Ting) Chan
Hong Kong

Executive Lounge Attendant
Hilton Sydney

As well as providing valuable education and industry experience, I believe that learning, working and living in Sydney is helping me to develop as a person, broaden my perspective and develop my critical thinking.

The Hotel School Sydney offers a high academic education level and valuable industry work experience. It provides opportunities via platforms like its Career Expo and Internship program, for students to enter and progress quickly in the hotel industry. The staff put great effort into helping us learn and are keen to listen to feedback. Students benefit not only from their excellent theoretical knowledge but also their broad industry experience. Studying here is about, self-managed, creative, active learning. Course work and the staff are very accessible electronically, with useful information and tools, such as a specific academic research websites and the study guides.

The School provided mentor programs and orientation week helped us meet new friends. The lifestyle in Sydney is all about enjoyment, family orientation, and high environmental awareness, elements which have come to influence my view and personality. The assistance provided by the agent in Hong Kong and The Hotel School Sydney helped me to confront, settle and join this new environment.

The internship program provided a platform to build relationship with the industry, supported by tutors. Mine was with Hilton Sydney and when completed I continued on as part-time staff in the same hotel. Cross-training in many departments has given me broad experience. Assessments, reporting and evaluation helped me handle the challenges and get to understand the whole operation of each department. Managers give me many chances to both learn and bring ideas to the department. I really enjoy my job.

Jennifer (Tze Yan) Ching
Hong Kong

Food and Beverage Attendant
Observatory Hotel Sydney

Studying abroad has given me the opportunity to meet different people and experience another culture.

I chose to study at The Hotel School Sydney because it specialises in Tourism and Hospitality Management courses, and only focuses on this field, so was therefore able to offer more in-depth study of this industry than other universities. The school is well-known and acknowledged by many organisations.

My first month in Sydney wasn't easy - finding accommodation and meeting new friends is always a hard task in a new place. Once I started my Internship, however, everything turned around, my life sparkled and I have been very happy ever since.

The staff at The Hotel School Sydney are great. They have a high level of knowledge of, and insight to the industry. They are friendly and willing to help. The course work is quite demanding. It is difficult to juggle exams and assessments sometimes, but overall I found it absolutely delightful to study at The Hotel School Sydney.

I do appreciate the Internship programme because it gives us an opportunity to find a job in the industry. We don't have to be afraid about becoming unemployed after graduation. I work in the Observatory Hotel, where I have made lots of new friends among colleagues, some of them having become my very good friends. It is always a pleasure to work with them. They provide support and advice about life in Australia. I am so glad I chose to study at this University. Because of it, I have met a bunch of wonderful people.

Bosco (Chun On) Chan
Hong Kong

Guest Relations Officer - Executive Club
Four Season Hotel Hong Kong

The cultural experience of studying, living and working in Australia was good for me.

I studied for two years at The Hotel School Sydney, entering directly into Year Two. The Hotel School Sydney had excellent connections with different hotels, so it was easy for me to find a casual job while studying at the same time. The course was really good for me because I was able to attend lectures in the morning and then had the opportunity to work longer hours in the afternoon and evening. It provided a great opportunity to gain working experience while studying.

The academic standard of the School was good and the School fees are relatively cheaper than other countries.

At first it was tough, during the first few weeks, because I did not have any friends or relatives in Sydney. However, I found my student colleagues to be friendly and very willing to engage with me. Through my church I found good accommodation which was really cheap and the cultural exchange with my housemates was meaningful. Dinner times were most important to us. We had a roster for the cooking and it was a great time for us to share our friendship, our different cultures and to try different cuisines from other countries, because my housemates were Australian, English and Chinese.