Top UK Schools

This page offers suggestions and advice to those who seek information regarding the application process to top UK schools, such as Cambridge and Oxford.

2010 University intake cases

There is no doubt that getting into a renowned university is a tough task, particularly the top tier ones. Here are several factors that contribute to the challenge:

1. The traditional Hong Kong education system (HKCEE & HKALE) has proven that it is not uncommon for students nowadays to achieve 6As and above. This renders difficulty for overseas universities, in judging the standard of HK students.

2. With the introduction of the new 334 education system, top universities are unable to determine the suitability for setting a guideline of intake as there has yet to be statistics and standards in order to enforce intake requirements.

3. Owing to the fact that top universities expect, as well as accept, many outstanding students who achieve fantastic grades, they become more conscious of students’ personal statements as well as their performance during an interview – both of which are not included in typical HK high school curriculum.

In order to be fully prepared for such an unyielding task, one must be fully armed with the knowledge and skills. WAP has successfully provided the necessary aids for several students to pursue their dream school, such as Oxford and Cambridge – below are several accounts of success.

Student #1 – Steven

HKCEE result: 21 points (English Level 5*)
IELTS result: 8.5 points
Completed HK education level: Form six
Accepted by: University of Cambridge (Major: Architecture)
Budget: HKD $200,000

Due to his exceptional level of English, Steven adapted to the environment of England quite comfortably. In addition to this, he has achieved 5As in the A-Levels owing to the excellent teaching staff at his high school. The contributing factor to his flourishing interview is his ability to converse in fluent English.

Furthermore, Itchen College offers guidance via training courses for the IELTS, which not only rewards the student by helping them gain high scores, but also shapes them into a better candidate for universities.

Student #2 – Danny Wong De Zhi

Bellerbys College is a well known school that assists overseas student every year to enter outstanding universities in the UK – particularly for having A-Level students who achieve fantastic results.

UK A-Level result: 2 A*/ 2A
Completed HK education level: Form six
Accepted by: University of Cambridge, London School of Economics, University of Warwick
Opted for: University of Cambridge (Major: Mathematics)

Student #3 – Wang Cai Zhi

UK A-Level result: 2 A*/ 1A/ 2B
Accepted by: University College London

Student #4 – Ng Oi Yan

UK A-Level result: 2A/1B
Completed HK education level: Form five
Accepted by: University College London